Custom Home With A Gym?

When people ask me about this house the first question is; A gym? I always answer with “I know it’s awesome!” and that is quickly followed up with a “Did you go down the slide?”. That’s when the conversation goes into who, what, when, and where and how much. We at ADC are very proud of our customers, and when I recall meeting with this couple there is one thing that sticks out, they wanted to build a dream home for their kids and not just them. The fact is I would have to stir them away from talking about details for the kids play room or the gym or even the basement so I could find out what their needs were in the master bedroom or laundry. That is not to say that people who have their primary design goals as, a kitchen big enough to have the largest island possible or the biggest master bathroom are wrong, it’s just that this case was refreshing.

Home More Memorable Than Gym

When tasked with building a custom home with a 2-story gym, you are always worried that the home gets dwarfed by it. Then you also worry that the home is more than just a 2-story gym. The way you make sure neither of those things happens, you call in the help of an interior designer. A good designer is one that will work for the customer and help make the decisions that will make the finishes of the home more memorable than the gym. ADC relies on the relationship the designer has with the homeowner to make our finished projects shine. Libby Pantzliff was the designer the customer chose to deliver their vision. I can see why because walking through the home as it nears the end you can tell this home will be much more than “The House with a 2-Story Gym”. Take the time to look at the interior progress photo’s the homeowner shared with us. Then be sure to go to our portfolio page and click Ashbury-2 Story-Transitional to see the rest of the pictures. This where you’d check back for the finished project photos.