Ridges - Exterior

The Challenge

Create curb-appeal that stands out against the sea of sameness.

The Solution

From traditional two-story to transitional eye-catcher, ADC Restoration replaced monochromatic color and one-dimensional details with exterior elements that introduce character, historic architectural detail and even a pop of color.

Shingles Replaced

Gutters Replaced

Windows Replaced

Siding Replaced

Contrast and Character

An area that was once just horizontal lap siding now offers greater visual appeal with the addition of a metal-clad eyebrow roof, supported by custom wood brackets. Stucco siding board and battens serve as the back drop to the wood-truss detail at the top of the gable.

Unified Front

Here the brick arch entry is replaced with stucco board siding, along with the repeating wood-truss detail to unify the front and complete the clean transitional exterior design.

Creating Visual Interest

While not visible from the street, the home’s single-size lap siding was replaced with alternating sizes to add visual interest to what would otherwise be uninterrupted, equally spaced horizontal lines.

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The Results Were Amazing

Whether it’s marveling at the engineering that made a suspended walkway possible or the delight at discovering an unexpected detail or feature, Advance Design & Construction introduces you to a true integration of design and build, your individuality and our architectural expertise, and the successful solution between ‘what if’ and ‘why not.’

It’s the magic that happens when your home is a true custom build. When your builder is your collaborative partner. And when you look around at what you’ve created and say, “Yes, this was all worth it.”

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