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Creating one-of-a-kind, true custom homes. It’s not something you just wake up and decide to do – unless you’re Advance Design & Construction founders, Steve Taft and Pat Knobbe. After working for other luxury builders and even moonlighting to design custom homes, the pair decided that if they could make the decisions, they could provide clients with a better way to build. They were right.

Now you’ll find a team of like-minded professionals who love what we do – and are recognized for our skills and expertise. We’re also great to work with, which is good to know when a true custom home means a close working relationship for months. Find out more when we meet.

Austin Abboud

Estimator / Project Manager

Do I spend $1 million on a new house or make the investment in my existing home? As ADC Remodel’s estimator, Austin Abboud enables homeowners to evaluate the pros and cons of each in terms of costs, finishes and timelines – and how they impact your concept of what you want your environment to be.

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Ben Cox

Project Superintendent


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Ken Sassen

Project Superintendent


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Mike Sassen

President Remodel / Commercial Division

Able to appreciate the aesthetics and functionality of the homeowner’s vision and at the same time, understand the processes and structural requirements necessary to achieve the transformation, Mike Sassen is key to the success of ADC Remodel.

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