Village Pointe - Ranch - Modern

The Challenge

Create an open-feel that overcomes a restrictive golf course lot.

The Solution

Utilizing the volume of high ceilings and large windows, along with a mix of design elements for warmth and comfort, Advanced Design & Construction created a design that was able to overcome the lack of an extensive lot, while incorporating an open feel that was reminiscent of the owner’s previous home.

Galvanized Nails/Screws/Staples

Lineal Foot of Lumber

Square Feet of Glass

Amazing Result

A Modern Design

Cross grain walnut cabinets set the tone for this stunning kitchen environment. The marriage of quartz countertops and stainless appliances provide the ideal finish for clean, modern design.

A Perfect Pantry

Whether preparing for a large gathering or offering a staging area for caterers, this pantry and prep kitchen is neatly tucked way in its own niche near the main kitchen. Complementary cross grain cabinetry and stainless finishes, as well as additional appliances allow bulk food storage and preparation, leaving the main kitchen area free for guests.

European Style

This European-influenced master bath incorporates floating vanities with a matching valance above in an effort to replicate the feel of a grand hotel suite. The heated tile floor is welcoming on a cold winter day.

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The Results Were Amazing

Whether it’s marveling at the engineering that made a suspended walkway possible or the delight at discovering an unexpected detail or feature, Advance Design & Construction introduces you to a true integration of design and build, your individuality and our architectural expertise, and the successful solution between ‘what if’ and ‘why not.’

It’s the magic that happens when your home is a true custom build. When your builder is your collaborative partner. And when you look around at what you’ve created and say, “Yes, this was all worth it.”

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