Coventry - Two-Story - Traditional

The Challenge

Function, technology and efficiency for an active family.

The Solution

As individual as the space required for each family member in their daily endeavors and as expansive as the family gatherings that bring everyone together – Advance Design & Construction created a design that featured individually themed bedrooms, oversized kitchen and living areas and a lower level that’s all about sports and entertaining.

Galvanized Nails/Screws/Staples

Lineal Foot of Lumber

Square Feet of Glass

Amazing Result

Well-Designed Kitchen

Oversized cabinetry and unique finishes make this a joy to work in. While the central, multi-tiered island ensures the cook always has company – with plenty of space for eating, doing homework or simply conversing. Incorporating stone into the cooking area gives the kitchen a warm, rustic feel.

Excellent Interior Design

Something as simple as a hallway on an upper level can become live with the correct design touches. Adding volume to the ceiling with details, dedicated wall art, and a mixture of woods & metal at the stairway make this a gorgeous pathway to the bedrooms beyond.

Home Wrestling Area

Located below the garage, this home gym training area provides some much needed space for the family’s wrestling ring. It can also provide storage space for patio furniture during winter months or even an out-of-the-way workshop for DIY types.

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  • Client Engagement 100% 100%
  • Company Growth 40% 40%

The Results Were Amazing

Whether it’s marveling at the engineering that made a suspended walkway possible or the delight at discovering an unexpected detail or feature, Advance Design & Construction introduces you to a true integration of design and build, your individuality and our architectural expertise, and the successful solution between ‘what if’ and ‘why not.’

It’s the magic that happens when your home is a true custom build. When your builder is your collaborative partner. And when you look around at what you’ve created and say, “Yes, this was all worth it.”

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