2-Story Farm House

The Challenge

New life for a 100-year-old home.

The Solution

Updating a century-old house family farmhouse for the family’s current generation meant starting from the ground up – with a new foundation that would become the building block for the next 100 years. Throughout the home, design and construction would pair traditional craftsmanship with the convenience and style of modern-day living.


Average Increase in Home Value

Square Footage Added on Average

Average Weeks for Completion

Age of Typical Remodeled Home

Dining Room

The past and the present are seamlessly integrated in this farmhouse dining room that showcases original oak trim, built-in cabinets and other architectural elements, along with modern additions that mimic the original warmth of tradition and craftsmanship.

Home Exterior

While the home’s original lines remain visible, the wrap-around porch adds dimension to the exterior – along with outdoor living space to enjoy views and entertaining. Garages were also added, generously sized to offer additional workspace. The garage entrance to the home is connected through a mudroom/laundry room.


A completely modern kitchen, with the warmth and charm of the traditional farmhouse kitchen. Warm woods, natural stone, granite counter tops and copper hood offer style and durability. Sink’s original location on the exterior wall offers the ideal vantage point for overseeing outdoor activities.

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The Results Were Amazing

Whether it’s marveling at the engineering that made a suspended walkway possible or the delight at discovering an unexpected detail or feature, Advance Design & Construction introduces you to a true integration of design and build, your individuality and our architectural expertise, and the successful solution between ‘what if’ and ‘why not.’

It’s the magic that happens when your home is a true custom build. When your builder is your collaborative partner. And when you look around at what you’ve created and say, “Yes, this was all worth it.”

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