When a custom home comes to a close, as the house plan designer, you don’t always get to see the completed interiors.  Not seeing a completed project may seem weird but it is more prevalent than you think because I’ve already designed and started 2-3 other homes in that timeframe, and that is just the extra awarded projects. Besides, as the house plan designer, you are a desk jockey. When you’re not at your desk, it is because someone in the field has a problem with your design. However, in this case, I made the trip to Le Mars so that I could make this custom acreage an exception to the rule. I made the trip in hopes of capturing interior shots at different times to see how the morning sun came through the expanse of windows. You will see interior shots here that are not in the portfolio of the Custom Acreage – 1 1/2 Story – Traditional gallery. So I urge you to visit both!