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Creating one-of-a-kind, true custom homes. It’s not something you just wake up and decide to do – unless you’re Advance Design & Construction founders, Steve Taft and Pat Knobbe. After working for other luxury builders and even moonlighting to design custom homes, the pair decided that if they could make the decisions, they could provide clients with a better way to build. They were right.

Now you’ll find a team of like-minded professionals who love what we do – and are recognized for our skills and expertise. We’re also great to work with, which is good to know when a true custom home means a close working relationship for months. Find out more when we meet.

Steve Taft


“I love my home,” “I’d build with you again,” this is true music to the ears for Steve Taft, founding partner of Advance Design & Construction. And he’s committed to building the relationships that have led to a referral list that includes just about every client the company has ever built, remodeled or renovated a home for.

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Patrick Knobbe


Even as he earned his degree in architecture, Patrick Knobbe, founding partner of Advance Design & Construction, was already immersed in the residential design that he is most passionate about. “The Internet has made the industry more competitive than ever, with homeowners that are more educated and involved than they were 10

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Casey Illian

V.P. of Sales & Business Development

While Casey Illian may have started his career successfully navigating the business of insurance in claims and marketing, he was always involved in the business of building, too. “I’ve always enjoyed being part of that process of progress being made on a project that takes you from initial ideas and drawings to the final building,” he said.

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Pam Peterson

Office Manager

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